Friday, February 24, 2006

scite & bicycle repair man

SciTE has been my favorite editor for a long time now. Especially for Python code. But there are two things I really miss: refactoring capabilities and a graphical code overview.

A few years ago I integrated refactoring using Bicycle Repair Man. That code has been lost but yesterday I decided to quickly rewrite it. It won't work with files using tabs for indentation (fixed with hack) due to an irritating bug in SciTE (which still hasn't been fixed since I filed it in 2003, unfortunately). Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Download it here:
See the file for installation instructions.

Now about that graphical code overview...


Anonymous said...

You could use Stani's Python Editor, it's pretty nice.

And thanks for the bit on Motion capture, it was very insightfull.

Janto Dreijer said...

My pleasure!

I've tried SPE, but I just can't fall in love with it like everyone else seems to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janto,
How did you able to work with cvaux and python ? Would you please give me some hints ?

Janto Dreijer said...

Sorry jayakumar, I have not been able to link any functions from cvaux. I've tried with, but didn't get very far.